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"Wisdom in Healing"



Step into bliss.

Combining modern advances in healing touch with therapies used for over 100 centuries, the JAHOON HEALING CENTER is a full spectrum healing facility dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable oasis to RELAX, REJUVENATE, RESTORE and RECONNECT with the life-giving resources we all possess.

Experience peace.

Carefully chosen to represent a sense of home, the Jahoon Healing Center is a portal to a long life of JOY, PEACE and HAPPINESS. Over 100 years old, the building and property carry with it an ancestry of healing energies that permeate into every visit, making Jahoon a unique healing OASIS in the busy metropolis of Los Angeles.

Experienced and self-aware, Jahoon Therapists are committed to INTEGRITY, PRESENCE, and the HEALING process. All therapists are trained in more than five modalities, working with the human condition to provide a WHOLE treatment catered specifically to your needs; asking the right questions, listening in the HEART space, providing constructive feedback and experiencing STILLNESS, the threshold where true HEALING occurs. 

Live in abundance.

We invite you to come share, experience, laugh, release and dance to the beautiful rhymes of life inside the JAHOON HEALING CENTER

Relax. Rejuvenate. Reconnect

The benefits of receiving Jahoon Healing Therapies are numerous and include:

Decreased recovery time for injuries and between normal workouts  Increased body awareness – Lowered heart rate and blood pressure – Improved circulation – Removal of metabolic wastes – Fertility Enhancement–Anti-aging – Improved skin health – Relieved muscle tension, stiffness, and reduced muscle spasms – Improved joint flexibility and range of motion Strengthened immune system  Reduced pain and swelling – Balanced physical and mental energiesReduced formation of excessive scar tissue Diminished mental and physical stress – Reduced anxiety levels – Relieved fatigue – Increased relaxation and reduced stress – Reduced body fat and increased muscle mass – Increased awareness as an embodied-being – Heightened sense of well-being.

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What is Jahoon?


Detox. Reset. Harmony.


This ancient Korean practice is a treatment for your most private areas. Sit upon a cedar chair while specially blended herbs and steamed along with an infrared light and amethyst crystals. Perfect for cleansing, toning, and nourishing your reproductive organs, Jahoon activates the reflexology zones one after another, engaging the multiple channels of internal meridians until the full flower of energy is experienced throughout the body. Jahoon is recommended after your monthly cycle and to assist with infertility.

Used in conjunction with other services the Jahoon becomes a powerful catalyst for healing, bringing balance to the body before your massage, facial or movement therapy session. 

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Integrated Massage Therapy


Individualized. Calming. Connected. 

Integrated Massage Therapy is a multi-faceted body therapy that consists of five or more modalities to address a specific area of concern, to address a specific area and give a sense of full body, or to add variety to a session. In this way the session becomes unique to the client, the particular situation and conditions that present themselves. After an initial consultation with our head therapist, you will be guided to a therapist, or multiple over a course of sessions, that is trained in modalities specific to your needs. Sessions are either 90 or 120 minutes. Modalities used include:

Circulatory (Swedish) – Deep Tissue – Lymphatic Drainage – Advanced Muscle Reconditioning  – Myofascial Release – Reflexology – Passive Joint Mobilization

Sensory Repatterning Therapy –  Acupressure – Postural Integration – Trigger Point – Applied Physiology – Trepidation 


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Intuitive Skin Care


Radiate. Hydrate. Protect

Apart from being the largest organ in your body, your skin is an important marker of good health.  As we age, the cell turn over process slows down, contributing to dull looking skin, fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads, congestion and textured skin. 

Intuitive skin care at the Jahoon Healing Center was developed as a deep cleansing of the skin, hydrating and exfoliating using high levels of active ingredients and modern technology that make your skin look and feel rejuvenated instantly. 

After determining your current skin condition, our skin therapist will create an intuitive treatment recipe infused with organic creams and lotions. Sessions last 90 minutes and include a series of massage techniques using acupressure points, lymphatic drainage strokes, and facial massage strokes designed to firm sagging skin, stimulate blood and oxygen, release toxins, and soften lines. 

Jahoon Signature Facial – Firming Facial (RF Method) – Stem Cell Facial – Acne Care Facial


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Energy Medicine


Self-Aware. Expansive. Still

Flow, balance, and harmony can be  non-invasively restored and maintained within an energy system by touch, verbal communication, exercises/postures, and focused use of the mind to move specific energies; and/or by surrounding an area with healing energies.

Energy Medicine recognizes energy as a vital, living, moving force that determines much about health and happiness. In Energy Medicine, energy is the medicine, and energy is also the patient

Entering the world of your body's subtle energies is a bridge into the domain of your deepest spiritual callings and your eternal essence. While no particular belief system, allegiance, or religious affiliation is associated with Energy Medicine, many people find that energy work touches into the realms of soul and spirit.

Craniosacral Therapy – Polarity Therapy – Reiki


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Progressive. Playful. Professional

Feldenkrais Functional Integration lesson  at the Jahoon Healing Center is a powerful approach to improving the effectiveness with which the brain coordinates and controls movements in the body. 

Habituated responses to problem areas in our lives are ingrained in our movement patterns, often leading to aches and pains, poor body-mechanics and possibly injury. By retraining the central nervous system through the skeletal system, old patterns can be eliminated and replaced with new skills that improve the physical, mental, and emotional functioning of the body. In this way, unconscious movement is brought into conscious awareness where it may be used as a tool for opening the human potential.

Both rehabilitative and preventative in nature, sessions lasts 90 minutes and involve gentle hands-on-manipulations and verbal instruction guiding you towards new movement patterns and a better understanding of your body. 


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100% Moroccan Argan Oil

Gentle. Youthful. Nourishing. 


Sacred to the Berber people of Morocco, the argan tree (Argania Spinosa) was considered the “Tree of Life,” contributing greatly to the overall health of the community that harvested it. Only existing in Morocco and harvested by Berber women, the argan tree is a rare and endangered species living up to 200 years and produces a nut oil extremely high in healthy unsaturated fatty acids (45% omega-9, 35%omega-6) , vitamin E, and sterols, making it possible to correct skin deficiencies that inevitably occur with age, normal dehydration and loss of skin elasticity. Sterols assist in keeping the structural integrity of cell membrane, reducing inflammation, improving skin metabolism processes and moisture retention.

Jahoon is proud to support  women of Morocco, bringing 100% pure organic argan oil from it’s source in Morocco to our healing center in Los Angeles. Effective and gentle on sensitive skin, argan oil is used in Jahoon integrated massage therapy and intuitive skin care sessions. 

As a dietary and culinary supplement argan oil is twice as rich in vitamin E than olive oil and ten times as many tocopherols, a powerful antioxidant with medical benefits such as reduced hypertension, reduced cholesterol damage, reduced articular pain, stimulated brain capacity, facilitated digestion and a protected cardiovascular system.