100% Moroccan Argan Oil

Gentle. Youthful. Nourishing. 


Sacred to the Berber people of Morocco, the argan tree (Argania Spinosa) was considered the “Tree of Life,” contributing greatly to the overall health of the community that harvested it. Only existing in Morocco and harvested by Berber women, the argan tree is a rare and endangered species living up to 200 years and produces a nut oil extremely high in healthy unsaturated fatty acids (45% omega-9, 35%omega-6) , vitamin E, and sterols, making it possible to correct skin deficiencies that inevitably occur with age, normal dehydration and loss of skin elasticity. Sterols assist in keeping the structural integrity of cell membrane, reducing inflammation, improving skin metabolism processes and moisture retention.

Jahoon is proud to support  women of Morocco, bringing 100% pure organic argan oil from it’s source in Morocco to our healing center in Los Angeles. Effective and gentle on sensitive skin, argan oil is used in Jahoon integrated massage therapy and intuitive skin care sessions. 

As a dietary and culinary supplement argan oil is twice as rich in vitamin E than olive oil and ten times as many tocopherols, a powerful antioxidant with medical benefits such as reduced hypertension, reduced cholesterol damage, reduced articular pain, stimulated brain capacity, facilitated digestion and a protected cardiovascular system.