Integrated Massage Therapy


Individualized. Calming. Connected. 

Integrated Massage Therapy is a multi-faceted body therapy that consists of five or more modalities to address a specific area of concern, to address a specific area and give a sense of full body, or to add variety to a session. In this way the session becomes unique to the client, the particular situation and conditions that present themselves. After an initial consultation with our head therapist, you will be guided to a therapist, or multiple over a course of sessions, that is trained in modalities specific to your needs. Sessions are either 90 or 120 minutes. Modalities used include:

Circulatory (Swedish) – Deep Tissue – Lymphatic Drainage – Advanced Muscle Reconditioning  – Myofascial Release – Reflexology – Passive Joint Mobilization

Sensory Repatterning Therapy –  Acupressure – Postural Integration – Trigger Point – Applied Physiology – Trepidation 


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