Step into bliss.

Combining modern advances in healing touch with therapies used for over 100 centuries, the JAHOON HEALING CENTER is a full spectrum healing facility dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable oasis to RELAX, REJUVENATE, RESTORE and RECONNECT with the life-giving resources we all possess.

Experience peace.

Carefully chosen to represent a sense of home, the Jahoon Healing Center is a portal to a long life of JOY, PEACE and HAPPINESS. Over 100 years old, the building and property carry with it an ancestry of healing energies that permeate into every visit, making Jahoon a unique healing OASIS in the busy metropolis of Los Angeles.

Experienced and self-aware, Jahoon Therapists are committed to INTEGRITY, PRESENCE, and the HEALING process. All therapists are trained in more than five modalities, working with the human condition to provide a WHOLE treatment catered specifically to your needs; asking the right questions, listening in the HEART space, providing constructive feedback and experiencing STILLNESS, the threshold where true HEALING occurs. 

Live in abundance.

We invite you to come share, experience, laugh, release and dance to the beautiful rhymes of life inside the JAHOON HEALING CENTER

Relax. Rejuvenate. Reconnect

The benefits of receiving Jahoon Healing Therapies are numerous and include:

Decreased recovery time for injuries and between normal workouts  Increased body awareness – Lowered heart rate and blood pressure – Improved circulation – Removal of metabolic wastes – Fertility Enhancement–Anti-aging – Improved skin health – Relieved muscle tension, stiffness, and reduced muscle spasms – Improved joint flexibility and range of motion Strengthened immune system  Reduced pain and swelling – Balanced physical and mental energiesReduced formation of excessive scar tissue Diminished mental and physical stress – Reduced anxiety levels – Relieved fatigue – Increased relaxation and reduced stress – Reduced body fat and increased muscle mass – Increased awareness as an embodied-being – Heightened sense of well-being.

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M–Su 10a–8p