Progressive. Playful. Professional

Feldenkrais Functional Integration lesson  at the Jahoon Healing Center is a powerful approach to improving the effectiveness with which the brain coordinates and controls movements in the body. 

Habituated responses to problem areas in our lives are ingrained in our movement patterns, often leading to aches and pains, poor body-mechanics and possibly injury. By retraining the central nervous system through the skeletal system, old patterns can be eliminated and replaced with new skills that improve the physical, mental, and emotional functioning of the body. In this way, unconscious movement is brought into conscious awareness where it may be used as a tool for opening the human potential.

Both rehabilitative and preventative in nature, sessions lasts 90 minutes and involve gentle hands-on-manipulations and verbal instruction guiding you towards new movement patterns and a better understanding of your body. 


• Please call or email — by appointment only.