Sha B. - Los Angeles, CA

Do not expect just a traditional spa experience. You are bound to meet some truly remarkable people and be welcomed into a creative, calming environment. 

JaHoon is an amazing place that goes above and beyond and genuinely cares about building meaningful relationships with clients. Without a doubt it really is a "healing center". You are sure to feel taken care of, by Kate's outstanding ability to calm and make your experience as personal as it is special. 

I would recommend the JaHoon steaming chair, which felt like being wrapped in a warm blanket and evaporated of all my stress from the week. From what I've heard, it is also a very popular practice in eastern countries but is unique to find in Los Angeles. 

I also received my first facial here, which at first I was a little worried about. However, the acupressure felt amazing on my face and I could feel my entire body relax. I didn't realize how much stress can get pent up in my face/jaw until I tried it! My skin had a nice glow to it within 2 days after (I have pretty bad acne and it did make a difference.  I went more than once). 

Florence L. - Paris, France

Completely blissful !! Jahoon is a rare oasis of peace and serenity in the heart of Los Angeles . As soon as you enter this sanctuary you feel a sense of calm and delights for all your senses . The decor is beautiful , the fragrances are divine and Kate will immediately make you feel at home by giving you a delicious cup of tea , that is followed by a very inspiring conversation . 
Then her massage is " out of this world" , probably the best I have ever had in my life . The Jahoon session leaves you very cleansed and relaxed , and works its magic on you immediately , as if all the stress and concerns will disappear . 

Suzy's facial is also truly fantastic !! 
I very highly recommend it !!

Kate N. - Los Angeles, CA

From the moment I walked into Jahoon Healing Center, I felt a sense of peace, serenity, tranquility and healing energy. Not only is the center beautiful but each room  has the most comforting vibe and state-of-the art equipment. Kate Park, the Founder, is an amazing healer and I experienced one of the best healing massage sessions I've ever had in my life. I have been to many healers and never had such a powerful experience. 

I also tried the Jahoon which is something I was curious about and it was one of the most relaxing and calming services I've ever had. I highly recommend it as its very gentle and put me in a meditative mood. I will definitely be back. Kate is intuitive, kind, and trustworthy. This place is worth a visit no matter where you are in LA and once you come, you will feel at home.

P D. - Venice, CA 

Tucked away in a beautiful old home on a quiet street, Jahoon Healing Center is a hidden gem.  The soothing, tranquil environment envelopes you as soon as you walk in.  Jahoon somehow helps you shed your outer layers - work, familial obligations, etc - layers which often define us and add stress as well as joy to our lives.  Kate, the owner receives you with an offering of tea and a wonderful and unpretentious energy.  I've had many, many facials in my lifetime but none as healing and spot on as the one offered by Susie at Jahoon.  Her technique of facial massage, accupressure, cleansing detoxification and rejuvenation have given my skin a clear, healthy glow like no other facial.  I used to get a facial at a medical spa (one I still love) with an occasional peel - after my second facial at Jahoon, I saw no need for future peels or facials that had a more medical base - even though my skin looked good after.   My friends have all commented on my skin and asked what I'm doing differently - some of them have come to Jahoon and now know why - they all walk out commenting that they've never experienced a facial quite like this.  I always get the Jahoon signature steam before hand.  Once my treatment is over, I am relaxed, glowing and thinking I should have taken an Uber b/c the last thing I want to do is drive back to the westside where I live:)

Ditta T. - Beverly Hills, CA

JaHoon is a def not just a day spa and there's no such a sanctuary as JaHoon in town. You will enjoy every sessions they have from the signature JaHoon treatment, amazing facials, exceptional massages and I LOVE the cranio sacral treatment!!! 
After all the treatments, have some tea with Kate the owner, she's a real beauty inside out, so not only your body will feel rejuvenate and refresh, your soul too.. Plus you will probably meet with other beautiful souls and enjoying the time you have in JaHoon, you def will come back again and again!

Terri W. - West Hollywood, CA

I've received the best treatments from JaHoon that I enjoyed so much I purchased as gifts!  The acupressure facial, acupressure massage and JaHoon reproductive cleanse rejuvenated my body!  I keep going back to this healing environment and I feel wonderful!  Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Sheri B. - Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday,I had the most AMAZING experience. Nestled in a quaint, old, beautiful house, in the Hancock Park area, I found a little bit of serenity, peace and rejuvenation in Los Angeles. I'm talking about the JaHoon Healing Center and Spa, owned by the GORGEOUS Kate Park.  The ambiance alone sets the tone for a relaxing, blissful experience.  This time, I had the "Firming Facial".  I have been having facials for over 25 years and have sampled dozens from a variety of practitioners and spas. However, the facial I had yesterday at Kate's spa was by far the very best I have ever had. It was so much more than just a "facial". The treatment lasted 2 hours and every part of me was attended to. The Facialist, Susie, was truly a Master at what she does!! She utilized a variety of processes and treatments that I had NEVER experienced before. Incorporating RF, accupressure, energy devices, massage, delicious creams and other amazing techniques, it concluded with a 20 minute collagen mask...divine! This is not your ordinary facial; rather, it is an experience that I do not believe you will find anywhere else, at least in Southern California.  When she was finished, I was glowing from the inside out. My skin never looked so good. Men and women alike, I guarantee you will be overwhelmed by the "experience" and thrilled with the results. Downstairs, is a small boutique where Kate sells a variety of products, teas and wonderful candles. I suggest the green tea scent, I bought 3!! If you do one thing for yourself, this is it! All I can say is GO! You will thank me later.